Sunday, August 31, 2008

Evan's Eight

Where did the time go?I can't believe my baby is eight years old and in the third grade. In the past year you have grown so much not only in height and weight, but you're quite the little man now. You have a heart of gold, but also a streak that runs through you that can be quite mischievous. You don't let anything hold you back and keep up with your brother easily. The more he throws at you the more you take and give back. You even take that to the soccer field where you're known for being the smallest player, but the toughest, a slide tackle or a shoulder is just your style and the funniest thing is that no one ever expects it from you.

Happy Birthday my little tough guy. You keep filling my heart with joy and love each day. Thank you. I love you!!


Monday, August 25, 2008

Wake up early, Check
Bookbags packed, Check
Lunches packed, Check
Nerves, Check
Teeth Brushed, Check
Hair combed, Check
Eat Breakfast, Check
Leave early since everyone is headed in the same direction, Check
Nerves, Check, Check, Check!

The Third Grader and the Fourth Grader

Watching him walk into a new school, Heartwrenching, Check!

Today is the day, boys went back to school. Sean is starting 4th grade at the elementary school and was a little nervous, all his friends will be there, but he doesn't know any of the teachers, nor does he know his way around, the pick-up and drop-offs are different. It's alot to take in.

Evan was fine, he was at the primary school where he's big man on campus being the third grader.

I'm fortunate that they both like school, which makes it much easier for me to see them go.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Sharks Tale

I took the boys surfing this past weekend. Evan didn't take his board and opted for just playing in the water. He saw a friend of his and they ended up playing together. Sean loves to surf and heads out and will sit forever just waiting for that perfect wave. After sitting for a while he comes in and says to me that something kinda big brushed against his leg. I figured it was a fish and big was only in his head. I can get a rather big imagination while swimming in the ocean too. I've seen both Jaws and Open Water, freaky.

Anyway, a little later he heads back out again, much braver than his mother. But anyway, he stays out for a while surfing and finally comes back in. This time he comes up to me and says I saw that thing again and it was a shark. Okay, sure, I'm thinking porpoise really. But I didn't tell him that. Pick your battles, right.

Fast forward to his third time out, again much braver than his mother, especially since he says he actually saw a shark. So he's out there and he just standing by his board while Evan and his friend and another boy are splashing around, wrestling in the water, just having a good time being boys. Evan's friends dad suddenly jumps up and yells at his boy. All the boys stop and turn toward the beach like we didn't do it. So he yells again and tells them to get out. They still just stand there. At this point I'm half way over to where the dad was standing wondering what my two had done. None of the boys move and he yells, "Get out, there's a shark!"

I've never seen them move so fast, all four boys are practically running on water. They get out and the dad tells them he saw two sharks swimming about five feet behind them. All the splashing and murking up the bottom they were doing caused them to get curious. He said they were about 5-6 feet long each. He told me that they had seen several the day before and that they had been really bad lately.

Wow, we didn't go back into the water that day. However, they have been bugging me daily to take them back surfing. I wish I had the same fearless attitude and I'm not going to make them stop. But it's still very eery to know they were swimming with the sharks so close.