Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Smart Like a Fox!

I've been talking to the boys about always doing their best and trying hard. Both have a tendency to get a little lazy at times and that's fine occasionally, but not all the time. Evan has days where he'll just decide not to try at his classwork and he'll just mark answers on tests that have nothing to do with the question. Then thinks nothing about the fact that he makes a 25/F! I would have lost my mind if I made an F. Hopefully when report cards come out, he'll see that he doesn't get rewarded for making bad grades. The frustrating part is, we know he's capable.

So anyway, I've been talking to them every chance I get and last night I was telling Evan how he was just "smart as a whip" and Evan says, "really." Sean puts his two cents in and says, "I don't think he's smart as a whip" and I'm thinking Geez child work with me here. I can just see Evan deflating, I mean Sean is his idol. So Sean says, "well, whips just sit there and someone has to whip it to make it work."

Okay, yeah good point kid. So I tell Evan he's smart as a fox and then Evan says fox aren't smart. That's when Mr. Knowitall, I mean Sean says, oh yes Evan fox are really smart just like you.

Awe, how sweet I think and then he adds....

But they actually use their smarts!

Gotta love that kid!

Monday, October 13, 2008

My Goofs

My boys being goofy.

Evan rapping the peanut butter rap...

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

School's Cool

I'm happy to report that Evan seems to have found his groove at school. I'm not counting chickens right now, because the wind can change directions, but for now my fingers are still crossed. He, I hope has finally realized that it's not so bad and he's got a great teacher.

Sean on the other hand has gotten comfortable and has decided that he's going to try to get away with talking. He's just sociable. What can I do? However, I did get the best compliment on him yesterday. A friend and I were having lunch and she told me that her youth minister's wife teaches special education and she has a little boy in Sean's class. Anyway, my friend told her that Sean was a friend of hers. The special ed teacher says, "oh, Sean he's the nicest, sweetest little boy, he will take his time with my special ed student and will help him and not many will do that at this age."

Oh be still my beating heart!