Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My break comes to an end...

Well, not completely.. I'll still have my weekends for now, but the boys will start practice again on Monday. After winning their division championship, they were invited to the State Cup to compete for the state title in Greensboro.

Since we aren't playing baseball we go home and sometimes get bored so last night we went up to the ballfield to watch some friends play. While we were there we saw one of their soccer coaches and he says, that they have also been invited to play a tournament at the end of July in.... Wait for it..... Bermuda!!! I could totally do Bermuda this summer, even Sean thought that was pretty cool. However, it's not doable so that's just a pipedream. Oh well, if they place in the top three at the state cup, they can move on to the next step and it's in Tallahassee, FL. I'm just not feeling Florida as much as I'm feeling Bermuda.

So Sean visited the Elementary school yesterday, I can't believe he's moving into the big school now, of course it's only 4-5th grades, but it seems like such an independent step. He said it was pretty neat especially since they can get ice cream everyday at lunch if they want. But the work load looked like a lot. He said they have stacks and stacks of work to do everyday. His Daddy welcomed him to the real world.

One thing he did last night that was totally awesome was he just walked up to me and wrapped his arms around me and gave me the biggest hug. AND he told me he loves me. I didn't even ask for it. Be still my beating heart!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dear Grandparents....

We want to go to Duke and we both want some type of medical degree, actually one of us is interested in being a veterinarian, bet you can't guess which one? Anyway, mom and dad said we may need some extra help, so we're writing to ask that your save your pennies for us. We've enclosed a picture or two so it may help you to think of us and our ambition.


Sean and Evan

As you can see, I'm ready to go now!

It's hard to say no to us, we understand, but you've got a few years to go!

PS. Belle wants to go to Obedience school, but Mama says no.

Self Esteem Mad Lib Style

I saw this and thought it was so funny. I think maybe we should do this sometimes to help us get through a day. Copy, paste and try it!!

Face it, (insert your name), you are about the greatest thing since (favorite food). No one else can (verb) like you can. Your best friend says you are the (adjective)-est person in the world. Sure, you once (embarassing thing you did), but you also (honorable thing you did). S0, (favorite endearment), today is the day you’re going to stop beating up on yourself for being (negative adjective) and start loving yourself for being (positive adjective), (positive adjective), and (positive adjective. ANd if people give you a (adjective) time, just tell’em they can take their (noun) and (verb) it up their (body part)!

Okay so here's mine....

Face it, Marnie, you are about the greatest thing since Pasta. No one else can play like you can. Your best friend says you are the Awesome-est person in the world(I really like HIMYM). Sure, you once fell on your butt while standing still, but you also brought two children into the world. S0, cupcake, today is the day you’re going to stop beating up on yourself for being cynical and start loving yourself for being nice, loving, and honest. ANd if people give you a wicked time, just tell’em they can take their desk and hold it up their butt!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Favorite Commercial-Love this!!

Hurricanes Win the Gold

I've been carting the boys to soccer practice for 10 months straight now. This past weekend, it all ended for at least, oh maybe a week or two. But the boys played awesome. April 12th started the tournament off and the boys placed fourth out of 23 teams in their league, so this means they will play four games to get the Gold. They won saturday, which meant they play sunday, they won Sunday, which meant they play the next saturday, they won Saturday, which meant they play the next day. True to form our boys will play good all season and then just quit in the semi-final games. Not this year though, they took it all the way. They played their little hearts out and it all paid off for them.

Sean and his coach

Evan and the coach

And the whole team. Number 1 out of 23!!!

All in all the whole Seashore League did awesome, in all age groups, they took home the Gold!!!

I thought I was going to have the summer off, but turns out, we'll be doing some tournaments starting in about three weeks, so I've taken the week off, not sure if they rest of the team did or not, but we needed a break.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

While in DC

We took the kids to see all the monuments and sights that you would typically see while there. They enjoyed it. They enjoyed playing soccer in the National Mall park area
We took pictures of ourselves in front of the WWII monuments of each state we were born in...
Lainey, Evan and Sean all in NC....
Daddy in Alabama

Mom in Georgia, but we were too short to show the state name. Oh well. I guess we really don't have a reason.

I think she likes her new bed!

Her space, her safe haven, her Majesty!

Have I said before how rotten she is.....

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Shark Tooth

I guess I needed to show you the shark tooth Evan was so excited about. The boy loves collecting sharks teeth. He has two jars filled with them that he has collected this year at recess in the shark tooth find.


When we were in DC we took the boys to a World Cup Qualifier Soccer match. El Salvador vs. Anguilla and it was awesome. I know the boys loved the game better than anything else we did while there. (well Evan is a little conflicted with the excitement of the huge shark tooth at the museum) but I think for everyone else the soccer match was the big event.

It was a little scary at first because we don't speak spanish, but everyone was very nice and boy do they get excited about their team. I always knew soccer fans got crazy and it was really cool to be there and see it. I'm just glad their were no fights. Of course the score was 4-0 in El Salvador's favor and they were definitely the majority. Men were carrying around these huge drums and beating them and then they'd sing their fight song. We even joined in...Salvador...Salvador...Salvador... that's all we could say due to that's all we understood.

We had awesome seats, but we failed to realize that we'd have to stand the entire time, because they don't sit down at all and they don't stop yelling.

The flags and players entering the field to sing their national anthems.

Anguilla is on the left in orange and Salvador is the blue, the boys loved that their uniforms were the same as theirs.

Penalty Kick by Anguilla, no goal though

Sean wants those yellow cleats, and man if he can run like that man, he can have them. Click the picture to make it large to see them, right in the center.

The fans, who didn't want to turn away to take a picture.

All in all it was a great experience for them. Even the metro ride back where we had to stand in the streets for half an hour waiting to get down the escalator to even get to the metro. But we finally got to the train and made it home by 2 am.

Sean's note: Taking a seven year old to the bathroom at a soccer game with a bunch of hyped up fans, next time make him hold it!

Friday, April 04, 2008

So when I just spontaneously yelled out, blue punch buggy yesterday, Evan is appalled.

"Seriously Mom, do you remember our Private conversation in the garage LAST night?"

My bad!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Red Punch Buggy, no punch back, Safety!!

Does anyone else play this while riding down the road? The boys and I do and lately, Evan and I have been winning. Of course I have somewhat of an advantage being in the front seat, but hey. Last night coming home we were on a roll again and Sean just wasn't seeing them. So Evan says to me, "Mom, when we get to the house, I really need to speak to you privately." I say, "Okay, but we're all family we can talk openly."
"No, really, privately," Evan says.

So when we get home he calls me back and says, "for the next little while, let's let Sean get all the punch bugs, okay."

I'm like oh yeah, that's a great idea my competitive side really thinks so!