Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Day 698

We seemed to have forgotten about that cute little puppy!

Wild Horses and Wild Boys

For Memorial Day, we headed over to Shac with the other 30,000 locals and anchored the boat and sat and enjoyed the day in the sun. We were there for probably 15 minutes when we see this.

A beautiful lone wild horse.

He did not seem the least bit bothered by all these humans who had invaded his island.

It was such an awesome sight.

After the hoopla with the wild horse we dealt with the wild boys the rest of the afternoon. They had fun as long as you add water they are happy. They played in the really cold water all day, on the banks digging and again in the water. The adults just people watched all day and boy was that interesting.

And here's the wild boys on their boogie boards

and Evan on his daddy's life vest. Cold Much?!

Friday, May 25, 2007

That Cute little puppy...... AGAIN!!!

So to leave our house and go anywhere in town you have to pass B-E-L-K! And everytime we pass it, what do we hear, "oooh, can we go to Belk? I've gotta have that puppy!"

We've given him chores and opportunities to earn $14, but he says that will take 14 days. What does he expect.

You would think that he would forget about this puppy, this child can't remember to brush his teeth, come in out of the rain, clean his room or anything else or the fact that he has over 1000 other cute soft puppies.

For instance almost every picture of him, he's got a cute little puppy with him.

The Black one, Coal!

The Yellow one, Gunner!

And WHY would you want a cute soft "Stuffed" puppy, when you've got this?

Makes me want another cute soft little boy!

PS. Not really!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Conversation Continued

Evan: "Daddy there's this cute puppy at Belks and I've just got to have it, will you buy it for me?"

Daddy: "I don't know Evan, you have so many puppies already."

Evan: "Please, Please"

Daddy: "We'll see, not right now."

10 minutes later

Evan: (Holding out about 50 cents in his hand) "Daddy, I'll pay you more than the $14 the puppy cost if you go get it for me."

Daddy: "Well, is that all the money you have?"

Evan: "yes, it's more than $14."

Daddy: "I think we need to let you work a few more jobs before you can afford it."

Evan: "Ugggghhhh, You mean I have to work for money."

PS. Still no puppy....

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A conversation with Evan

Evan: "Mom, I've got to have this cute little puppy."

Me: "No, Evan you have a thousand at home!"

Evan: rubbing the puppy on my arm "but just feel how soft he is!"

Me: "yes, he's cute and soft, but no!"

Evan: "mom, please I've just got to have this soft cute puppy?!"

Me: "no"

Evan: "I'll pay you 20 dimes for it!"

Me: "ugh!"

PS. He didn't get the puppy.


From the looks of this picture one would think this is the Most Statuesque dog in the world, just look how well behaved she is. One would never know that this dog just six months ago, loved to jump the fence and run all over Purgatory Bay, no one could catch her, it was her game. People still see her walking on a leash and say, don't let her loose, you'll never catch her.

But she's been "fixed" of jumping the fence and now she stays right in her yard and behaves like a normal dog. So what that she has electrical volts around her neck and if she goes out of the yard she gets shocked.

Inside she's pretty good too. She gets in the trash, eats whats left at the table, on the floor and she always goes to the back door and proclaims she must go now! If you don't get up she will continue talking to you until you get off your butt and let her out.

These next pictures are from the same photo session. They can't all be perfect.

This is Sean and Belle hanging out in my leather recliner. Smart Boy-Smart Dog!

"So if I don't look at her, she will go away with that camera"

Are you going to put that thing away yet?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Why I had my boys so close together.

On Mother's Day I had a great day, very relaxing, I even got to nap! The boys played outside most all day. At one point I was watching them build a fort or hideout. They had drug every spare piece of wood their Daddy had brought home, their soccer goal, their bikes, the fake ficus on the deck, bricks, from somewhere an old sleeping bag and anything else they could possibly dig up. It was quite amusing to watch them work together, help each other.

Later I look out and they are both sitting under the trampoline talking. I wondered what they were talking about, girls, sports, riding their bikes, or just simply the wind blowing.

I love they are so close, best friends, and I love that they will always have someone in their corner. Brothers!

Can't you just feel the love!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

This week has been an easy one, only one practice due to the weather and only one game this weekend. Three nights this week, I've actually cooked dinner, real meals not dollar double cheeseburgers on the way home to do homework. At 6:30 Tuesday night, we had eaten, dishes clean and I was sitting there going what do I do now? I haven't had that in so long that I couldn't decide if I wanted to laze around and watch something stupid on television or actually do something good for myself and go walk. Believe it or not I chose to walk. The boys rode their bikes and of course the walk started out like normal, they have to ride through the driveways if they are circle drives in the front of a house. Everytime, they just can't help it. Living in Purgatory Bay you never know when someone's going to come out and yell at you for being in or near their yard.

I fuss, they say yes mam' and we wait for the next tempting driveway to appear. Never fails they have to do it. Ugh, so much for a nice relaxing brisk walk. I can't wait to get home, I knew I should have taken door number 2 and lazed on the couch.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

It's blowing a gale!!

I think we can unlatch the hatches and go back outside. For the past five days we've been having a Noreaster Storm, winds at 50, raining one minute, sun the next and repeat. I sure hope the old fisherman are wrong, they are saying our hurricane season will be bad if the wind is blowing this bad already.

During this time of high winds, the boys have sure been in rare form. Surprising me every minute with the things they can come up with. Leaving me wondering if it's just "boys being boys" or worse will they be serial killers one day? No wonder some animals eat their young. Oh well, I'll stick with Boys will be Boys!