Monday, June 18, 2007

The Second Grader

I put a picture of the third grader up but didn't put one up of the second grader. He did great this year and gets cuter everyday, along with taller. His stitches are all healed up and his arm seems to not bother him either. I thought he had broken his arm this past weekend, but the swimming healed it miraculously. It's amazing. The sheer will they have when they want to do something or not do something. And this little guy here is the king of all stubbornness!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It's a sin

The boys started the summer camp program at boys and girls club Monday. This year is different because they separated the 6-7 from the 8-9's therefore leaving Evan with only one person he hangs out with. But that one friend of his hasn't been coming this week. The first day he comes home and says, "I only have one friend and he didn't even come today." So I tell him maybe he can make some new friends. He says, "I'm just real quiet and I sit by myself, I don't get into trouble that way."

So Tuesday he decides to take his stuffed dog, Belle, but when we get there they tell him he can't have the dog there. ( I don't know what that stuffed dog was going to hurt) So he starts crying and finally agrees to let her come to work with me. So I pick them up and he says, "I could hardly eat my lunch I was so upset over not having Belle with me."

He's completely serious with all this and while it sounds completely heartwrenching and sinful, when I pick them up I have to drag him off the playground from all of his non friends.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

And That's the ballgame!

I promise to play fair and enjoy the game. Amen.

Sean's team played last night in the second round of tournament play and they in all aspects of the game outplayed this team, this team who went undefeated the entire season. Our boys should be very proud of themselves, most have either never played baseball before or they had just moved up from Coach pitch which is not like playing baseball at all.

I think they all had a good time and no one is the least bit phased by it, they each started a whole new day and now baseball is in the distant past. I am going to miss going to the ball field and eating hot dogs and cheering for our team. It's a summer past time and it was really fun. The one thing I will not miss is the boys being drama queens. Each one of those kids pouted if they struck out, each one pouted if they got on base, but didn't cross that glorious finish line with the neon lights flashing "You're Home Safe" I think next year instead of purple jerseys they should have pink. But this last game they did do much better with their attitudes and hopefully next year they will be a year more mature.
The pouty face!

Swing batter batter Suwing!!


And that's the ballgame, until next year!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Bandaids, stitches and suits of armor!

My kids have not been out of school a week yet and one already has stitches and the other ate asphalt yesterday. I hope this is it for the rest of the summer. Last night I had to buy the mother load of bandages to make sure everyone had all the antibotic oitment they needed on and all the scrapes and things covered. My hieney can't take anymore! Everytime Evan jumps or falls or rides his bike or whatever my hieney hurts for him. Then Sean crashes on his scooter and gets one of those scrapes that doesn't bleed at first it just turns white, then starts to bleed. When it started it didn't want to stop. Ugh, I don't do blood, it's just gross.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Sean got his report yesterday and it was very good and by way he's promoted to the third grade. Last semester he did really good except in music he had an "N" needs improvement. So I told him that was crazy to end up failing second grade, because basically he couldn't behave in music.

On his report card this time, he got an "O" Outstanding in music. Not just a satisfactory, but he made sure he got an "O" he wasn't about to tell anyone he failed second grade because of music.

Think I should tell him that he really would not have failed because of that or just let him figure it out.

Here's the third grader!


I bet you can guess which one too, yep, Evan. He and a friend were playing at the ball field and he fell on a log and cut his leg (near his privates) and ended up with six stitches.

Getting them was not fun, but now he thinks it's pretty cool. Everyone he sees that's the first thing out of his mouth. "I've got stitches"

I'm sure when he's older, he'll want to show all the girls his "scar" considering it's location, oh the stories he'll tell.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Day 700 Pacified

He got him a new puppy. Not the one he's been begging for, but when Daddy and I went out of town we found him a cute little soft German Shorthair Puppy that we couldn't see him living without.

I don't know where he gets his craziness from.

More Wild Horses

A family of horses we came upon on Taylors Creek. They did not even look up when we pulled the boat right over to them and took pictures. It's really too cool.

Oh wait these aren't horses these are wild Banshees! But they are cute. They too were not bothered by the camera.