Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"That's my boy..."

Sean calls Evan his boy who looks after him. ( In other words, Evan's his little runner, his slave)

I guess when you're six, you're big brother is your hero and you'd do anything for him.

Summer Fun

The boys spent a week down in South Carolina with their Gunny and Grammy and they had a blast, riding the horse, grooming the horse, Evan played with new puppies and luckily did not bring one home. They are already planning for next year. So am I, I didn't think I'd have fun, but I really did, don't tell them that though.

Sean and I got to do lots of things we never do, eat in peace, go to the movies, go out with friends, shop in peace, go to bed when we wanted, all the things you take for granted when you have no kids.

It's great having them back though, they've been hanging out with Daddy every since, going to work with him, helping him, distracting him, going swimming, playing golf. They are having a great summer vacation. As long as they stay away from the Boys and Girls club, they are happy.

We are planning on going on a family vacation to our mountain house and take the kids white water rafting and tubing down the mountains. We may do the water park on the way over and possibly the zoo too. I'm just looking forward to a week off from work.

Next week we're going to meet Mimee in Myrtle Beach for the weekend. We always have a great time when we do that. Then they start soccer camp the next week, should be good and hot for them by then at least they'll be playing at night, when it's only 90 degrees instead of 100.

I wish it was summer vacation year round. It's so relaxing not having to run around with all the activities during the school year, we can ride our bikes after dinner instead of running in at 8 or 9 taking a bath and going to bed.