Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A new motto for the boys

"Don't put your fingers where you wouldn't put your pecker!" Now why didn't I think of that years ago? While watching/flipping through channels last night with Sean, he stopped at the show Black Gold and they introduced some man and he was talking about the parts he had lost since working on the oil rigs and he just comes out and says this.

I at first just sat there, thinking about what he had just said. Then I came to the conclusion, hey that's so true.

I asked Sean if he thought it would work if we instilled this in the boys for their fast approaching adolescent years? He just laughed.But hey it might work. Crazier things have happened!!

Boys of Summer

Part One
There has been so much going on lately that I haven't had a chance to write much. The boys passed the second and third grades with great grades. They partied with their friends the first week and then they started to work. Work has been going okay, if they could just stop fighting long enough to realize that being at work with Daddy is much better than being at the Boys and Girls Club (even though they go swimming, to the movies, bowling, etc) Maybe they'll get it sometime around August.

Sean Being Recognized for Honor Roll all year long!

Part Two
They also went to the State Games and played soccer, they had an awesome time. The first game on Saturday though was tough, the team they played was an All-Star team that was well coached and boy did they have their game together. Our boys who are not used to losing had no idea what they had just encountered. That game ended 9-1, I tell you it was bad. Their second game on Saturday in blazing sun, we found our Hurricanes, they played soccer and although it was another tough team this game ended in a tie. That's okay, we got one point which didn't count us out of the tournament. Sunday morning game came and the Hurricanes definitely showed up, they beat this team 6-1. So this put us tied for second place, this also put us tied in all the tie breaker categories. So basically they decided to flip a coin to decide who plays for Gold and who plays for Bronze. We won the coin toss and got to play for Gold which guaranteed us Silver.

They had to play the All-Star team again and this time they played awesome, the did not win, but those boys didn't think we had the same team, in fact some of the parents thought that we had brought in two boys, one being Sean(the biggest child on our team) and the other, a little black boy. Neither of which would be easy to sneak in. Oh well, they took home the silver medals and were darn proud of it.

Evan and Coach getting his Silver Medal

Sean getting his Silver Medal

The Lewis Boys getting ready to play

Part Three
After we get home I guess from all the stress or being in the heat or something cosmic, I get strep throat and suffer through that for a week. Finally the antibiotics are working and I'm starting to feel better.
Part Four
We also bought the boys their birthday presents early. They are officially boys of summer, they each got surfboards and are loving their new boards and catching some waves.

Waiting for that perfect wave, this day was not the day for perfect waves, but they had to try out their new boards.

Got up the first time, just need better waves...

Monday, June 09, 2008

Summer has officially started

The boys got out of school on Friday @ noon and immediately without passing Go went straight to the beach and stayed until 8 that night. Saturday they got up and headed straight for the pool and then again on Sunday, I'm not sure how they are still going, because I was so tired last night that I could have slept for three days.

Sean (little) started his new job today. He's working with daddy being the whatever guy and Evan gets to ride around and be supervisor with his papaw. I'm sure that with it being 100 degrees outside, Sean is wishing he was still 7. He has been so excited about working and telling all his friends how much money he's going to make and what he's going to do with it. I wonder just how long it's going to last?