Friday, March 13, 2009

We're blowing around in the March Winds!

Wow, I can't believe its March already, where have I been? We've been skiing again and of course playing soccer, the boys started their spring season a few weeks ago, they had two games their first weekend and then have had three weeks off? Not sure why, but they start again this weekend and will play through April, then tournaments and then the State Games and then, then, then. Hopefully, then we can stop and enjoy some summer time stuff.
Sean is doing well in school, he's just finished a writing project and he's so excited because his teacher said it was excellent. He nominated his dad for a Character award and had to write an essay for it. He also says this is an on demand writing assignment for the EOG's. Not sure about that but hey if it's "excellent" we'll take it. Sean's only trouble right now is as usual his mouth, he just can't seem to keep it quiet. He loves to be the center of attention, I want to break him of that, but I don't want to break him from being outgoing. What a quandary?
Evan is doing well in school also, his grades are good and he's actually smart as can be. However, he's having trouble with the standardized tests and I'm really worried about him being able to take the EOG this year. Tried to get him a 504 plan, which means he can take the test outside the classroom alone and it will not be timed, however, he has to have a medical reason for this and well, anxiety doesn't count. So I've enrolled him in an after school program designed for helping with the test, I'm just praying that this will help. He gets distracted too easily and then he starts worrying about the time and therefore doesn't do as well as he can.

The good news is and I'm sure I'm going to jinx myself, but here goes. They are getting along nicely. Sean is being nice to his brother right now. Sean worries about his brother, but doesn't want him to know it. It's really sweet.

We went on our final ski trip for the year last weekend and it was great, the weather was around 65 and we skied in our short sleeves and ski pants, no gloves or hats, it was so nice to not have all that stuff on. And I'm so proud of myself, I skied a Black Diamond, woohoo. Now it's a black diamond in NC, not sure I could do one in Utah or Colorado, but it was a huge step for me. The boys are flying by me on it and cutting through the trails in the woods and still waiting for me at the bottom, but hey I skied it, several times too.

Here's a few new pictures...

Sean skiing down the mountain

Evan not wanting his picture taken

On the lift, man he looks so big

Evan on the lift....