Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I just can't say it......

In just few shorts weeks, actually it's more like days now, I will have a 4th grader and a 3rd grader. Oh my, I'm feeling alittle, not sad, but not happy. I recently took a bunch of pictures of them and made this little video along with this song that really puts into perspective how I'm feeling. Because I just can't put it into words. The song is by John Mayer (one of my favorites) called Stop this Train.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Do As I Tell you, Not as I say!

My little guy is a sailor. He can cuss with the best of them. I guess it's because he doesn't miss a beat and if anyone within 100 miles of him says something they shouldn't he can hear it. Of course his Daddy and I never say anything we shouldn't so he could not have possibly gotten this from us. Anyway, when he was about 2 maybe 3 years old he was following his daddy around like they do and there was some pants in the floor, well Daddy tripped on them and probably said something like fudging pants since he doesn't EVER say anything bad. Well then comes Evan and he trips on them and says "Fucking Pants" and keeps going like its an everyday word he's just spoken.

Fast Forward to present day, I asked Evan to close the garage door because they were the last in and I was cooking for them so they could do something. So he finally comes around the corner, goes to shut the door and I heard him start to say something, so I rounded the corner and stood behind him and he yells out, Yells out, "who left the fucking ass garage door open, That's right Bitches!" Shuts the door and turns around to find me standing there with my hands on my hips, shrugs and says, "what?" just as innocent as could be. I in my most stern voice say, "go to your room!"

I could barely contain myself, I knew it wasn't funny, but I just couldn't stop laughing. I mean he was serious.

I collected myself and called him back into the kitchen and explained to him that what he had said was not acceptable and I would not have it. Then I put hot sauce in his mouth. After he got over that he says, "why did you laugh then?"

Did I mention he doesn't miss a beat.

I'm happy to report he hasn't cussed since that day. That I've heard.

He really is a sweet child. Just don't trip him or leave the garage door open. LOL

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm really not wishy washy!!

I just got tired of looking at the other layout. It bugged me to see the pictures as transparencies.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


This is the dreaded week of school for most north carolina students. This is the week of that test EOG's! Why do they have to take a test that they won't get the grades back on until they are in their next year of school? They will know whether or not they passed their math by Friday of this week and then next week they will take it again if they fail that portion. We've been going over with Sean for the past two week practice tests that gave as homework, the next day they were graded and sent back home to do the next section. Now everyone says this NCLB is all for the test, well they do this for homework but then they don't go over it in class, why? That doesn't seem like they are teaching to the test, sounds like they are not teaching at all. No test review the whole time I was in school we always had a test review. Ugh, I'm not going there.

Sean got attacked by fire ants last thrusday. He was playing golf in the front yard, just chipping balls and his ball went into a little hole and when he dug in to get his ball out, he was bitten 57 times on one hand. I felt so bad for him, Thankfully we did not have to use his Epi pen and the benedryl worked fine. He was very good about it, very calm even when I pulled the epi pen out to have it at my disposal. His arm still looks bad, but they are healing pretty good. Just very itchy. The worst!

Three more weeks of school, I can't believe it. They have so many pool parties and field days and field trips to the cape that they are done with studying. I guess I need to get on the ball and figure out what they will be doing this summer. Hopefully working with Daddy quite a bit. If it were up to them they'd be at my dad's house half the summer and at my mom's house the other half. And soccer camp with whatever is left.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Influences, the good, the bad and the FAT!

My husband is a bad influence on me. When he works out of town, I have the clothes washed/dryed and put up, the kids stuff taken care of early, everyone gets to bed at a reasonable hour and we get up when we are suppose to.

He comes back and I can't get caught up on the laundry, nobody ever goes to bed before 9:30, I can't get out of the bed in the mornings and in the evenings I'd rather do nothing.

Sometimes we do the laundry together. But I don't seem to want to get up and put it away afterwards so my children will sometimes wear it from the coffee table, ya know because it would be too hard for them to gather their own clothes and put them away. For some reason they will only put them away when I take it to their bedrooms and drop it off, all good laundry services have a drop off service.

But when he's home, and I love him being home, don't get me wrong, we had rather just hang out than do our chores. I'd rather lay in bed in the morning with him than get out and start my day. I'd rather do anything than laundry, dishes, homework.

We also eat more when we are together, it's a vicious cycle, but not one I'm willing to break.

Oh well, I guess we'll just be fat and lazy together. We are teaching our children well!

Monday, May 12, 2008

See these two cute faces....

I can't wait too see them when they see this....

Just got our tickets and they will be so excited to get to see Beckham play.

I told them this morning that the tickets go on sale today. Sean is going to save his money so that he can buy himself the whole new season uniform for DC United and Evan can't decide it he wants to wear his Beckham jersey or his DC jersey. Neither can decide who they want to cheer for either. I told them they should just enjoy the game. But they insist they have to cheer for one club or the other.

Maybe I should wait until June 28th to tell them we got the tickets. Other wise I may just be pure T momicked to death before.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Beach Photo Shoot

So I take the boys out one evening to take some pictures, why do they have to act like they've never been to the beach before in their lives. All they wanted to do was play. Must be a boy thing. I kept saying, boys act like you live here, jeez!

Sean's having to hold the ball down with his foot to keep from playing with it. Evan had just saved it from the waves.

Pure Mischief

Pure Sweetness. LOL

Waiting to go, I love this picture of them. Like the first time they ever saw the ocean.

We don't need a spring suit!

On Saturday I met four of my friends over at the beach and we had a total of 10 kids with us, then we picked up two more that were already over there so all 12 kids were running around, digging, playing and yes and Swimming. That water was a good 55 to 60 degrees. Too darn cold for me to get in. Of course I don't normally go in until the end of July first of August. They totally didn't care, they came out shriving like crazies, but as soon as they were dry, back in they went. Sean had wanted to wear his spring suit, but I told him no because we weren't going to actually swim today. But I was overruled when we got there and they went in with their regular baggies on. BRRRR!!!

It was so nice to go sit out before all the tourist arrive. Of course with 12 kids surrounding you, you really don't have to worry about anyone getting close to you.

However, with all the fun on Saturday, Sean got sick on Monday, but actually I think he just played hooky. He did have a stuffy nose, but he really didn't act too sick.

I don't think he'll do it again anytime soon because when he got home, he had no TV, no video games and no going outside. He resorted to drawing and decided it was totally cool, later we all sat around and read all evening.

So far no one else has gotten sick from the escapades and hopefully they won't. But this weekend they have a pool party to go to. But the pool is heated so shouldn't be so bad. They all have EOG's coming up in a week.