Friday, February 22, 2008

Tubing Fun

Click on the pictures to see larger version.

Just a few pictures to share...

Thursday, February 21, 2008


"you had sex with Daddy to have me?" ask Sean.

Want to know what my brillant insightful answer was.....


I mean come on we were walking into a ski shop when he puts his arm around me charmingly and I thought to myself, Awe, he does still love his mama, until he drops this bomb on me. There have been lots of questions lately and we keep putting them off, but I'm afraid that putting them off is not going to work much longer. I can't believe we are to this stage already.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Kids will believe anything...

Soccer clinic being put on by college kids...

Sean, Evan and I went walking last weekend and they were talking about the clinic. They are so impressed with these college soccer players.

Evan: "Mom, did you know that one of the soccer players real name is Magic Man?"

Sean: "Yes, mom that's what his parents named him."

Me: Really, do they call him Magic?"

Evan: "No, they just call him Matt!"

Straight to Bed

Life has been so hectic lately, every night during the week we have some kind of practice and then on Wednesday's we have church and I have my dose of girl drama and then each weekend is filled with something. We started fall soccer in August of last year and then moved directly into indoor soccer and then into basketball and now we're back into spring soccer. We had two weekends off from soccer but still had basketball on those two weekends. When can we just sit down and do nothing?

Along with all the extracurricular activities we still have school and school projects, Sean's baptism, and holidays. My poor little Belle probably thinks we've left her to fend for herself lately.

We decided last week that we were going skiing, this would probably be the last weekend for us to be able to as far as snow goes and well there's just not a good weekend with sports involved. So the boys decided they would miss their basketball games and their first spring soccer game and head to the slopes.

I unfortunately didn't have President's day off and had to come back on Sunday, but we packed up Friday night and headed over to the mountains, arriving at midnight and heading straight to bed, then up before daylight and drove up to West Virginia to tube for the day. We had a blast tubing, they had 12 lanes and although we did have to wait in line some it wasn't so bad, it was worth it to go flying down that mountain in a tube.

We headed back to the cabin and go straight to bed again, only this time to get up to go skiing. We packed everything up, head over to the slopes in NC and ski the morning half day. We have taken the boys snowboarding, but only Sean has skiied before. They both did awesome. Evan saw Daddy stop by throwing his skis to the side and wanted to know how, so he showed him and from then on, Evan pointed his skis downhill and flew down, stopping only when he got to the bottom, by throwing his skis to the side.

I wish I had that kind of fearlessness. I guess maybe I was when I was younger, but now that I know what broken bones feel like, I will take my time going down the mountain.

After we skiied for awhile we headed back home. Arriving again at our destination late and headed straight for bed.

I'm ready to just sit on my couch and watch movies for the day. Which is exactly what my three boys are doing while I work. Umm, and I Thought I was the Princess of the house.