Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Last Saturday the boys of course had a soccer game and the team they were playing was undefeated same as us. So the game starts off pretty good and everyone is playing fine, we are up five to nothing and by the third quarter the other team's parents had had enough and were yelling at our boys for pushing and the ref not calling them and giving a penalty kick. 1. Our teams boys were not pushing anymore than normal and most of the aggressiveness was just them running into each other going after the ball. 2. The ref didn't give us two more goals that the goalie had to retreive out of the goal, but she said it didn't go in? So maybe she was blind.

But anyway, the boys on the other team got a little vocal with our boys and most of ours just ignored the behavior and went on and played. One little boy didn't and got mad and said something back. Then the parent of this boy got mad and almost started a fight after the game. I mean parents rolling around fighting on the kid's soccer field, Can you even imagine? Seriously?

So the problem with all this is, these kids are 7-9 years old. None are paying a mortgage yet, none have been accepted to college on a soccer scholarship, none have been invited to play in the Olympics so why get so mad? Why?

Did I mention I'm so excited for my break from all this crazy!!! I'm doing a happy dance.


wendy said...

I love that my kids are involved in sports but this is ONE area in which I really get annoyed. First the organization says "it's for fun...let's not keep score..." Um - hello?! Should have tried this BEFORE the kids learned to count! Then, everyone gets far too carried away over it. Glad your boys are active and having fun - and I'm proud they were on the classier side!