Tuesday, May 19, 2009

GOAL! The Stuff dreams are made of!

Bare with me as I just put some stuff down for the boys: On April 19, 2009 the boys soccer team played in the semi-final game for their division. The team they were to play was placed in the second seat, we have played them now for a year and it just never worked out, they always lost. The game started with the wind blowing so hard against us that the Hurricane strategy was to just play defense and just keep them from scoring and when the half comes switch sides and play hard. It worked they held them the entire first 30 minutes. The second half started off like normal; however, this time the hurricanes scored first never in the history of these two teams has this happened. The scorer of this awesome goal was a first time for the player this season, Evan. Boy was it pretty right over the keeper's head into the back left corner, there was no stopping it. At this point the sideline goes berserk, Mama has tears in her eyes and could totally burst with joy and so starts the momentum. The boys played their hearts out, each time though they would come back and score. At one point, one of their players attached our keeper, got a red card and was thrown out of the game. Wow, none of our boys had actually seen a red card given to any player in all the years they have played. When the final whistle blew the score was tied 3-3! Now they have to play five minutes of one scores. Double overtime another five one scores. So in the event of a second overtime with a tie still remaining you have a shootout, whatever players are on the field are the ones in the shootout, at this point we have about 30 seconds left to play and the biggest defenders in the game and the coach yells for one of those defenders to come out and puts Evan back into the game, the whistle blows and we have to go straight to a shootout. Coaches come out line the boys up, put in their keepers and the first to kick is the Lancers. Score. Hurricanes, score. Lancers, score. Hurricanes, Score. Lancers, our keeper stops this goal. Hurricanes, Evan goes up, kicks and Scores! Again the crowd goes crazy, again Mama tears up, the boys all dog pile Evan and they are off to the Championship game!

This was a game I'm sure Evan will never forget, he had tried all year to score, but it just wasn't in the cards for him. Finally, in the game that counted for so much he connects and hits his target, not once but twice and for the winning goal. I think he floated for a week. The coach tells him after the game that when they practiced goal shots, that Evan was the only one on the team who didn't miss one so he had to put Evan back into that game for his chance. Evan is the youngest player on the team by two years. It was an awesome confidence builder for him. I'm so proud of him.